Organizing makeup

Quite the daunting task I took on earlier in February. Decided to go over all of my makeups and properly organize them into one of the desk drawers of my Ikea Micke -desk that I have in our bedroom. The other drawer holds all of my “hair gear”, bobby pins, elastics, hairbands and the like.

I’m very happy with how everything turned out and how everything found a place for itself. All the less frequently used products as well as the sort of “out of season” products are stored in the back, all the everyday or nearly everyday products are displayed in the front. It was also helpful to go over everything I had, to swatch them and to really get an idea of what I have. I noticed I have a lot of poorly pigmented eye shadows, but also a lot of really nice ones that I haven’t even used more than once or twice! Time to start experimenting!

Definitely a good idea to do this 2-4 times a year as seasons change. I may not be super into deep berry lipstick shades in the middle of the summer and I’ll likely find coral blush to not be the best choice in November.


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