Nivea Express Hydration Primer

About as long as I have used cosmetics, I have used Nivea products. It has been a sort of go-to brand for me, something I’ve resorted to when money has been tight (their products are very affordable), when my skin has been acting up, when I’ve found myself allergic to yet another new beauty product… you name it. Recently, I’ve been buying Nivea products just because I find that most often the quality is great and the products are often innovative, as is the case with this Express Hydration Primer.

I was on the market for a new, light-weight day cream when I stumbled upon the Nivea Express Hydration Primer and grabbed it, after realizing it does qualify as a moisturizer as well. My skin could be described as normal, though throughout the day I tend to get shiny on my forehead, nose and the sides of my nose. Sometimes after a shower, my skin feels a bit tight. I don’t usually break out and in general my skin has been in pretty good condition ever since I started to use this, along with Nivea’s Sensitive -line’s 3-in-1 Micellar Water (a heaven sent!).

According to Nivea, the Express Hydration Primer combines intensive moisturizing qualities with an even makeup base. The product is said to absorb immediately, provide long-lasting moisture while leaving the skin velvety-soft. The primer will also help makeup stay put for longer. The key ingredient in the primer geared towards normal (and mixed) skin is lotus extract, which provides the skin with a revitalizing, fresh feeling.

The idea of this product is that you can apply it and then immediately proceed to apply your makeup. No need to wait for this to sink in, no need for additional primers. I would actually recommend applying the makeup right after having applied this product, because at least for me, my skin does tend to get shiny if it just “sits there” for an hour on its own after applying a product. In my experience, Nivea does fulfill all of its promises with this product. I haven’t felt the need for an additional moisturizer and this primer sure leaves my skin feeling absolutely amazing – and tones down the shine a good deal too! Regular, liquid foundations (I’ve been using Rimmel Match Perfection) seem to apply better and easier over this primer and stay looking fresh throughout the day.

The price for this in Finland is around 10 euros, but, for example, it seems to be around £5 at Superdrug in the UK, so definitely worth checking out! I will be repurchasing once I run out (which won’t happen quickly as a little goes a long way with this one) as I think this will be a great product for summer as well.


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