February Favorites, Part 1

Skincare FavoritesNow that we’re on March (time is flying!), I thought it would be fun to look at my favorite cosmetics from February. Here is the part 1 of 3, my skincare favorites.

Of course it’s no surprise that there is that Nivea Express Hydration Primer I just spoke of and the Nivea 3-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Water that I love! The Micellar Cleansing water is just such a lifesaver for me as it even doubles up as an eye makeup remover in a pinch. I use it both morning and evening and I don’t know how was I ever able to do without it? It’s just the light-weight, simple product that I’ve been looking for. I did previously use a similar product by Vichy, but considering it’s four times the price of this baby… and I honestly like the Nivea one more! The Micellar water leaves no residue on the skin, yet it also doesn’t leave the skin craving for moisture either. A real winner in my book!

The Lumene Lab Age Preventing eye cream was something I was given by LivBox (a monthly cosmetics box shipped to one’s home for a monthly fee of approximately 15 euros) as an “extra gift” to try out. I originally got the Age Correcting eye cream from my LivBox, which is geared for women over the age of 40 – not exactly my age group! I have also been using the Age Correcting eye cream, mostly as a night cream for my eye area, but I was super excited to get to also try the Age Preventing one, which is meant for women over the age of 25, such as myself. I love that it’s very light, yet very moisturizing. Feels good on the skin. This product, to my knowledge, is only available at Pharmacies in Finland for around 20 euros a pop.


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