March Favorites


My March favorites list features almost exclusively new favorites, save for an old BC hair oil that I’ve used for about two years (this is my 2nd bottle). Anyway, here are a few favorites of mine which I’ve already gotten to know well enough to consider them favorites!

MUA 2013 Blusher in Cupcake – This is my go-to blush on days when I’m not sure which blush to choose or I’m in a rush and have to choose quickly. Cupcake is a very easy shade, goes with everything! While it’s not the most flashy of colors, it gives that nice soft warmth that I desperately need on my face. It’s categorized as a soft peach shade by MUA, though I’d say it goes more towards pink/brown, but hey, what do I know?

MUA Pretty Edgy Eyeshadow Palette – I’m pretty sure everyone guessed this would be on my list! What’s not to love? This is by far my most loved eyeshadow palette of the moment and I find it perfect for all of my favorite looks since I like to keep it on the more natural side. The colors have good staying power, the pigmentation is nice (save for maybe the palest hue) and I’m even using the matte shades! Whoo!

Clinique Color Surge Butter Shine Lipstick in Peek-a-Boo – I thought long and hard about adding this one to the list. When I received it, I had not read the company’s animal testing policies We do not conduct animal testing on our products or ingredients, nor ask others to test on our behalf, except when required by law. We evaluate our finished products in clinical tests on volunteer panels.(as in they sell to China) and I fell in love with the product. Now, I’m torn because I love the natural look this gives me, but I can’t help but to think of the company’s questionable values. I’m hunting for a replacement for this lipstick, though I also don’t want to waste anything so I’m still trying to use up the products I currently have here that I have spent my hard earned money on while being clueless. In any case, the Clinique Color Surge Butter Shine Lipstick feels good on the lips and gives a very natural color and shine to the lips, which I love. I think I’m going to turn to NYX for a replacement for this!

Lumene Beauty Base Mattifying and Retexturizing Primer – A fairly new friend, but I’m quite liking this one. I debated a while between this primer and IsaDora’s one and went with this due to this one being half the price. I also felt that the texture of this would give more of a matte look than the IsaDora one. This is a good, basic primer, nothing spectacular, but seems to be working alright underneath my mineral makeup base. I may well try the IsaDora one next, since I’ve read many good reviews on it.

MUA F6 Blusher & Contouring Brush – I find the MUA brushes to be a great value for money (£ 3). This particular one I really love for applying my blush! It’s so soft, yet it helps me apply my blush evenly and easily – and doesn’t suck all the color within itself!

IsaDora All Day Long Lash Mascara – This is my current go-to mascara on days when I want my lashes to have a bit more oomph. This still provides me with the look I love, natural, separated and dark, but when comparing to my other current favorite mascara, the H&M Full Lashes Mascara, this one gives a more significant look. The best way to get rid of this mascara is to simply take a shower and then wipe off whatever may have remained with a cotton pad dipped into micellar water or such. This does come off pretty easily, but not with eye makeup remover – just water!

Baehr nail polish – This mint green shade was my favorite of the month, being so refreshing and candy-like that it kept putting me into a great mood every time I just looked at it. It lasted a week on my nails – which was a miracle on its own.

BonaCure Miracle Oil Finishing Treatment – I’ve used this hair oil on my hair for at least two years now and this is my 2nd bottle. It’s the only hair styling product I need, if you can even count this as a styling product. I apply it after I’ve allowed my hair to dry a while inside an old t-shirt. Then, I brush my hair with my Tangle Teezer and either blow dry or just let my hair air dry. This tones down my hair so that it won’t get poofy or frizzy and it leaves the hair silky smooth and shiny. I’ve tried to go without it, but the results are too scary…

Dermo Pro Vitamin C Serum – One of those random finds from McCosmetic. I picked this up without much expectations for the 5 euro outlet price and eagerly tried it the first night. I’ve been hooked ever since. I did use my coconut oil on a few nights, but sadly, when left on the skin, it does break me out. This serum however, doesn’t. Instead, I wake up with smooth, moisturized and rather even-looking skin. Wonderful!

And last but not least, the absolute WINNERS of this month:


Cuccio Naturalé Vanilla Bean & Sugar Scrub + Body Butter – These smell heavenly and my skin has never been softer. I’m hooked, addicted and in love and I want more! Absolute winners of this month – and cruelty free!


31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 13

My earliest memory

This is going to be a bit creepy, but my earliest memory by far is from around the age of two. Which isn’t really all that creepy in itself, but the memory sort of is. To normal, sane people anyway. I’m probably neither.

In my earliest memory, I’m visiting my grandfather from my mom’s side at the hospital. I’ve later on heard that he was a man who avoided doctors and hospitals with passion, claiming that if he’d ever end up in one, he’d die in one. Which he did. I remember visiting him at the hospital as a little girl and sitting on the side of his hospital bed, looking at him and thinking about how much I wished I would’ve had the chance to get to know him better. I vividly remember just knowing he was going to die and I wouldn’t get to see him again. Since his passing, I’ve only seen a couple of pictures of him and don’t really have much of an idea of what he was like.

Sometimes I’m envious of my sisters who are over 18 years older than I am and as such, had the opportunity to get to know at least a few of my grandparents (my mom’s dad, my dad’s adoptive parents and my dad’s real mom) and enjoy their company. Most envious I am of the fact that they both got to have my father in their lives for so much longer than I did and they had the pleasure to know him when he was about the age I am now and younger, where as I entered his life when he was already 44 and probably quite different than he had been in his 20’s.

Anyway, I strayed from the topic a bit. That was my earliest, clear memory. Most of my memories start from around the age of four. I would include a picture of my grandfather, but the only ones I’ve seen are at my mom’s house.

Saturday shopping spree

I’ve had a fantastic Saturday today – despite the fact that I had to get my butt out of bed a lot earlier than I normally would, but it has been worth it. I started my morning by going for a pedicure at a nearby salon, which unfortunately is closing its doors for good within the next week. It makes me very sad, because the owner of the place is a fantastic and fun person and we get along great – plus she does a great pedicure! Looking at the bright side though, I got a ton of products very cheaply from their clearance, such as those wonderful Baehr nail polishes that give a lot of color and last a long time!

In the picture on the top you can see all the colors. The clear blueish one is a cuticle oil that I got for 50 cents, so a bargain! The dark nail polish I also got for 50 cents, the others were… I think 2 euros a piece? Lost count at some point. I selected a really bright, vibrant pink one and then three very neutral colors, off-white, nude and brown. That dark one is an interesting one, it looks gunmetal at a quick glance, but it has a green tint to it. Very cool for winter, I think.

In addition to nail polishes, I also got 2 Cuccio Naturalé body butters for my mother to surprise her with and a black tangle teezer for my husband so that he’d stop stealing mine. I also got a freebie nail file (I have so many now!) and a freebie foot file as well + some hand cream samples and… glittery hair pins! Awesome. I also bought a couple of those good face sponges I love AND a bracelet from the partner of the salon, Siriuskoru. It was a mere five euros, but too beautiful for me to resist, especially because it’s neutral enough to go with everything, despite being super sparkly.


After the pedicure I headed home where my husband was making pancakes! What a lovely surprise, especially since I didn’t manage to get up early enough to have a proper breakfast (not that pancakes are all that proper, but still…). After pancakes and some digesting we headed out to the city to check out a few stores. I drooled over a neat black shopper-style purse, but decided not to get it after all. I did however find myself a really cool summery t-shirt, which I really like – and it’s not blue, purple, white or black like most of my things. Instead it’s… GREEN!


Somehow very summery to me. I also picked up a very light weight black blazer that will easily go with pretty much everything I own, both for casual wear and party wear. I also found a lovely jacket, which would be perfect for what I’m looking for right now, but they didn’t have my size so I’m going to another one of the same brand’s stores tomorrow to try on the bigger size – it has my name on it. Literally.


I don’t know if you guys have heard of the Invisibobble yet, but I only just heard about it recently. At first, I thought it was really stupid and pointless, mostly bringing me back to the 90’s and old telephones, but then I watched a video in which those little things were used for ponytails and buns and all kinds of cool hair contraptions and decided that I need to get some. So I did. I got dark brown ones and white ones as they didn’t have the clear ones I was after. The dark brown matches my hair really well and is pretty unnoticeable, even on just a simple ponytail. They do seem to give a really good grip on the ponytail too and it’s not pulling as hard. We might be onto something here!

One of the places I was looking forward the most was Ruohonjuuri, the eco-friendly store I’ve mentioned a few times, I think. I picked up a few things from there too, including 2 shampoo samples and a conditioner sample.

I love everything that smells (or tastes) like peppermint so when I sniffed this Naked Lips peppermint lip balm, I knew it’d have to come home with me. So it did. I also love cleansing wipes, even though I never feel that they’re absolutely capable of removing my makeup, I like to keep them around “in case of an emergency” anyway. I’m curious to see how these ones by Sante perform. I also picked up a lavender shampoo and conditioner by Urtekram, just because I love the smell of lavender! I don’t have very high hopes in terms of their performance, since they are meant for “all hair types”, but I’m hoping that they’ll work as lovely as they smell!

Now, I’m going to go take a shower and then I’m most definitely lifting up my very tired legs!

31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 12

What’s inside my fridge

I admit, we haven’t done much shopping this week with us only sitting down for a couple of meals together and both of us trying to cut down on the amount of food we’ve been eating (we’re on sort of a health kick at the moment). I actually haven’t really looked around the contents of the fridge for some time, but here it is:

Husband has done most of the shopping & cooking this week. We seem to be well stocked on mayo! Mike (the husband) has been making tuna salads – American style. We also seem to have an ample supply of eggs and some lean ground beef, probably for pasta. We very rarely eat red meat and when we do, it’s in the form of ground beef – either as cheeseburgers or in pasta. We also have some milk and orange juice which are pretty much exclusively for the smoothies we make every morning. We also always have yogurts, natural for me and banana for Mike. We don’t seem to really have vegetables at the moment (krhm), but we do have a TON of oranges and apples, it seems. Perhaps I should get on that?

31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 11

15 of my favorite things

(in no particular order)

  1. Animals of all fuzzy kinds & holding/petting them (especially horses & dogs)
  2. Woolen socks (chunky, super warm ones)
  3. Tea (black or green preferred, white is also good)
  4. Hot chocolate with marshmallows
  5. Iced chai lattes with whipped cream
  6. Freshly baked bread
  7. Fresh, crisp and clean sheets
  8. Napping in the sunshine (inside or outside, but if outside, then underneath some shade)
  9. The sound of rain on a felt roof (our old summer house)
  10. Entering warm, horse-scented stables in the winter (and having the horses greet you)
  11. Galloping down a dirt road / path in the middle of a forest / among fields
  12. Finding a super comfortable pair of shoes
  13. Watching the stars on the night sky in the middle of the winter (preferably while laying in the snow)
  14. Fresh cut flowers
  15. Driving around in a car either alone or with good company

H&M Full Lashes Mascara Review

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a proper camera, I just had to get this off my chest so I used my phone. H&M Full Lashes Mascara. What. The. Sh*t. Seriously. I wasn’t exactly expecting much of anything from this cheap little thing as a mascara costing less than 6 euros is practically a mythological being in this country where even your most affordable drugstore brand mascaras are at least double that. I’m willing to admit that the quality of H&M makeup has improved beyond belief over the course of the past 10 (or so) years. I have previously tried like H&M eyeshadow, lipstick and nail polish from ages ago, but I wasn’t exactly sold on any of those. They lacked pigment for one. The mini lipsticks I ordered recently were already a pleasant surprise and a sign of good things to come, but I wasn’t expecting to find a decent mascara for this kind of a price. To my understanding, H&M makeup products are cruelty free. The company also doesn’t use fur and all of their leather is, according to them by-product of meat industry – I tend to avoid all leather in general though, regardless of its origin.

Anyway, this mascara. Let me tell you about it. I don’t know if you girls have tried this, but nobody has ever raved about it, to my knowledge. I’ve always been a fan of mascaras that give me a natural look. I want my lashes to look good, get a good amount of separation and I want them to look believable. I hate giant spidery eyelashes and most “mega volume” mascaras that just clump everything together. Now, you’re probably starting to see why I’d love this mascara so much. It gives me exactly what I want. In the pictures, I’m wearing 1 coat of this mascara and no eyeliner what so ever. I’d say my eyelashes are of average lenght naturally, quite dark and have an average thickness. My lashes have much lighter tips though than the roots, which is why I like to use mascara to bring out the lenght and emphasize them just a bit. I also hate to have to apply more than one coat and as such, I never do it. One coat of this mascara gives me just enough of emphasis for my lashes. It looks natural and the lashes have a pretty good deal of separation (they do look far better yet in real life). This mascara leaves my lashes far softer feeling than the IsaDora one I recently bought (and am loving), which I also like. Not that I touch my lashes a lot throughout the day, but I have high hopes that this won’t shed color all over the place, due to the texture.

I generally prefer a completely straight brush when it comes to my mascaras, but this one still has a small enough of a brush to be usable and easy to operate. When you have a shaped wand and you’re right handed, how do you apply the mascara to the left eye? I mean, I can’t get any use out of the shape of the wand if I apply it with my right hand… Hrmm. I’m doing it wrong. Anyway, I like the brush of this mascara a lot, it’s small enough and easy to use and doesn’t make a mess or produce any clumps. Brilliant! Might want to make sure though that you don’t get a ton of product on the tip of the wand as it’s thinner and might make a mess.

Have you tried any H&M mascaras?

PS. MUA Blusher shade Lolly is doubling as an eyeshadow today! AND my new primer is working on those pores!

PPS. 31 Day Blog Challenge Day 10 – What’s my best physical feature – After much thought, I’d say my eyes, though it’s a shame I have to always hide them behind my eyeglasses!

Just two Finnish guys, enjoying their holiday in USA

We’re people of many words. Considering how many more words we have to describe things on a daily basis than what English-speaking people seem to have, we definitely don’t dig into our full repertoire when conducting daily conversations. I too, hate idle chit chat, but it’s probably because I’ve been with my American for so long that I’ve managed to sometimes elaborate. I’m definitely a far more talkative of a Finn than most. Yeah.

31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 9

What are my worst habits

  • I’m sometimes overly lazy and inactive. I tend to not realize it at the time, but I am.
  • Sometimes I make everyday misfortunes way more dramatic than they should be, when looking from the perspective of a sane person.
  • If I get a zit, I totally pop it. Sorry. I do. I realize what the consequences are.
  • Sometimes I leave my stuff laying around and claim I was in a hurry. I could’ve probably made the time.
  • I buy new products often well before I’ve ran out of the previous one. Such as moisturizers. Eventually I end up with like 3-4 half-used ones…
  • I’m completely able to justify any new makeup purchase to myself and those interested, even though I simultaneously realize I have a “crapton” of makeup anyway.
  • I admit, I’m always speeding juuuust a little. (In my defense, so is everyone else?)
  • I have dry cuticles and often, without realizing (or sometimes even after I realize), I pick on them and tend to make it worse.

Now I feel ashamed.


31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 8

What’s in my bag

My bag of the day is my bright yellow H&M bag. It’s not very large, but it’s usually enough for lugging around my everyday items as it actually holds a lot more than its size would indicate. I believe this bag is two years old now, originally bought from H&M for… I think around 20 euros? Not bad. Faux leather, of course. Inside there is one zipper pocket and 2 small compartments for the phone etc. The clasp you see is the only thing holding it shut so while wearing it, it’s a good idea not to flip the thing around…

My yellow H&M bag


At any given time, I have a habit of lugging my entire life with me, which is why small purses are my enemy. Ever since… well, pretty much elementary school, I was always the girl to go to when you needed anything throughout your day. I’d have a hairbrush/comb, gum, lip balm, hand lotion, tissues, hairties, you name it. I guess I like to be prepared. These days, I still tend to carry hairties, hairpins, a comb or brush, hand sanitizer, hand cream, lip balm, tissues, gum, a mini hairspray bottle (though I rarely even use hair spray, today it’s with me because my hair is on a bun and I want to be ready to fix it if I need to), my sunglasses, my makeup bag, a mini note book & pen, wallet and phone.

I’ve had my current wallet for a few months. I originally bought it so that I could fit my phone inside my wallet, but the damn thing doesn’t fit all my millions of cards IF my phone is in it, which is why I recently bought a little case for my phone (it’s new, which is the only reason why it’s still while). My phone is the Samsung Galaxy S4. I’ve had it for a bit less than a year now and I’ve been more than happy with it. The camera on it is one of its most important feautures to me, because I need to be able to snap pictures on the go. In most situations, the 13 mpx camera is quite sufficient! I also love that it’s so multi-purpose. It’s quite large, but at the same time, that’s what makes it possible to watch videos on it etc as well. Before I bought my phone, I got the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, which sadly mostly functions as my alarm clock these days, because I never get around to carrying it with me.

Right now, I’m also carrying my sunglasses with me as it’s been quite sunny lately (finally!) and I have quite the sensitive eyes. I got my first ever prescription sunglasses (I used to have eyeglasses that had transition lenses) last summer and they’ve been really amazing. Even though, I have to swap between sunnies and my eyeglasses, it’s still better than the transition lenses which took forever to transition from dark to clear after a year or two of use.

My hairspray is a small, handbag friendly size and it’s by IdHAIR. I have no idea as to what the price of it is and I generally don’t have much knowledge on it as I just got it from one of the LivBoxes many months ago. It’s not amazing, if you ask me, seems to wear out quickly on its own, but it works in a pinch. The scent isn’t bad though, which is important to me. I mostly use unscented hairsprays normally. Today, I did fix my bun with an unscented spray at home, but I can’t recall the brand even. It is a giant GIANT bottle that I got from my mom ages ago. My hand sanitizer is The Body Shop’s mango hand sanitizer. The best smelling hand sanitizer in the world. Too bad The Body Shop is owned by L’Oréal… I haven’t yet quite decided on how I feel about that.

My mini notebook is super cute and handy for when I need to say… quickly draft up a shopping list. It’s adorably yummy-looking too! A pen is just handy to have. Gum is something I like carrying with me, though I also often carry some kind of breathmints. Jenkki (Yankee) is a Finnish brand and the eucamenthol flavor is very tasty and delightful, however, as with all gums sold in this country, the flavor really doesn’t last very long. Boo!

For some reason, I have 2 hand creams on me right now. I’m not sure yet about my future with Nivea, because I’ve always loved it, but I think they sell in China nowadays (which means questionable testing)… Favora I got from my pharmacy for free when I bought a face wash from the range.

The contents of my makeup bag today

The contents of my makeup bag today

My little makeup bag is super cute and from H&M. It cost about 3 euros, I think? Within, I usually keep what I might need to do touch-ups on my makeup during the day. Out of habit, I keep a mascara in it as well, though that’s one of those things I never need to reapply. And speaking of mascara, I’m quite loving this Isadora All Day Long Lash mascara I bought recently! I also always carry powder and ideally I’d carry plotting tissues, but right now I’ve ran out (The Body Shop has the best ones). I carry my blush of the day (MUA’s Marshmallow) just in case I’d need to touch up a bit, though I don’t have a brush with me, so I’m pretty sure it would turn out to be a right mess. I carry lip balms with me always (Carmex & Aco, from pharmacy) and today I also carry a couple of lipsticks. The very worn out pen-looking one is Isadora’s, can’t remember what the shade was called, but it’s that perfect everyday hue that just looks really natural. The other lipstick I have with me today is one of the minis from H&M, the Barbie-pink one. Wearing it right now and kind of loving it! I also have an eyeliner with me, in case I need to make my eye makeup more dramatic throughout the day. Apparently, I also have an extra mirror on me, probably because my old powder didn’t have a mirror that would bend back properly – making it hard to fix makeup.

That’s what’s in my bag today!

31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 7

My pet hates

Oh gods. I am so sorry to all of those whom these may offend! (I’m going to get so much hate for this, I know it!)

  1. Uneven fingernail lengths. If I break a nail, I have to cut all my nails to that length ASAP. If I can’t cut them right then and there, I will feel terribly anxious, self-conscious and awkward until I get to do it. Besides my own issues, I also can’t stand other people’s uneven fingernails! I’m sorry, but it’s not cool to just grow them at random lengths, polish them and keep pretending they’re okay! NO!
  2. Pajama pants as actual pants. They’re not pants. If you can’t be bothered to even pull on a pair of sweats before hitting the store, STAY HOME AND ORDER PIZZA YOU LAZY ASS! Krhm. I’m sorry. Pajama pants just are not pants and should not be viewed as such. Also, fuzzy slippers are not real shoes. Oh and see-through leggins also are not pants. Nope. Sorry. Not for me.
  3. Dresses that aren’t really dresses. Often seen on young, skinny females and even more often combined with tight, see-through leggins – or sometimes nothing at all. Dresses that cover your butt only when you’re standing. Those also don’t count as dresses. They’re long shirts. Anything that’s shorter than midway down your thigh is a shirt.
  4. Walking in heels that are way too tall for you. Also often seen on young, skinny females. I fear for their ankles as they clonk onwards in those things. I’m sorry, but grandma-Jenni thinks that’s just dangerous and looks stupid. When you CAN walk in those, I’m impressed.
  5. Nude lips + fake tan combo. Seemed to be extremely popular in my city around 2 years ago, but the trend seems to be dying down a bit. Finns are pale to begin with, so most fake tans look exactly that. Fake. When super dark tan is combined to super nude lips it just looks ridiculous. This look seems to often be paired with eyebrows so bold they’d put Peter Gallagher to shame (and that guy has eyebrows).
  6. People leaving milk cartons in the sink. The sink is not the garbage. There is a trash bin right underneath it. USE IT PEOPLE! (I seriously broke up with one guy because of that. Well, It was about 90% other reasons, but still!) This goes also for coffee filters, tea bags and what have you.
  7. My husband’s inability to take dirty laundry all the way to the laundry basket. It used to be worse. These days, he stashes his dirty laundry in our walk-in closet, on the floor, underneath his shelves. He takes them as a bulk to the basket / washing machine when I’m about to do laundry. But come on. It shouldn’t be so difficult. Besides, dirty man-clothes will eventually smell.
  8. People who assume that because I’m a woman, it’s okay to talk to me as if I were five. Guess what, I’m not five. I’m also pretty smart. Probably smarter than you. I know things. Many things. Probably more interesting things than you do! (I’m not referring to you, my lovely, intelligent and sensitive reader!) Anyway, I don’t need to be spoken to as if I were a child or somehow slow in the brain. I get things. Talk to me as you would talk to any person you deem worthy of your time.
  9. People telling me to calm down when I’m upset/furious/enraged. You all ought to know better by now!
  10. People who are horrible at traffic. This covers people who drive 60km/h on 80km/h speed limit, people who don’t give way to someone who’s clearly trying to go somewhere and the only way there is past you and your stupid car, people who drive 80km/h when the speed limit is 40km/h and people who do their makeup/talk on the phone/read the paper/something while driving. NO.
  11. Inefficient packaging of things. Like when I order a small bottle from Germany and it’s delivered in a cardboard box big enough to fit my dog. Without any padding. No joke.
  12. Buying a product only to see it on sale the next day. Happens far too often…

I could really go on. I guess I’m a very hateful person.